¡Hey there! I'm Fernando M. Casale and I do Web Development with WordPress.

I build responsive websites from scratch using the web’s most popular content-management system. I do coding, theme and plugin creation, setup and customization, web hosting and server configuration, and other aspects of the daily work with WordPress.


About me

I'm a WordPress fan and early-adopter since its fist version launched in 2003. I did my first steps with the platform while working on the musical blog zonaindie, which I kept active until 2016.

In the following years I worked closely with several design agencies from my home city of Buenos Aires, developing dozens of corporate websites, blogs and WooCommerce stores for them.

Nowadays my client base has expanded and I'm currently working on a variety of projects for different design agencies and my own clients here in Argentina, and also in the United States, Germany and Italy.

About the future, my goal is to dive in the latest trends in WordPress development, including the Block Editor, Full-Site Editing themes and Headless WordPress technologies, among others.


Get it touch and
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I’ve got more than 10 years of experience developing WordPress websites, so if you have questions about the platform, or you need to build a new website or update your current page, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Buenos Aires, Argentina